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Konjac Gum (Glucomannan) 

Konjac Gum (Glucomannan) is a yellowish, free flowing powder and is very similar to pectin in structure and function. This product is used as a dietary fiber in the food and beverage industry and is mainly used for its thickening, suspension agent, gelling, filming, and bonding properties. Konjac Gum (Glucomannan) is known for its low calorie, low protein, and high fiber characteristics. It is commonly used to make fruits jellies, candies, and as a vegan alternative to seafood products.




Shanghai Brilliant gum Co.,Ltd. a company producing products for the Food Industry. Currently they are engaged in the production of Konjac powder (gum), Agar-Agar, Iota semi-refined carrageenan, kappa semi-refined carrageenan (E407a), kappa refined carrageenan (E407) and powdered blends based on them. Their products are exported to over thirty countries around the globe.


Shanghai Brilliant Gum Co., Ltd.

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