Agar-Agar BLR6003 

Agar-Agar BLR6003 is a tiny yellow to white powder that is odorless. It is extracted from seaweeds such as porphyra and gracilaria and the refined. Agar-Agar BLR6003 is used in the food and beverage industry as a thickener, coagulator, suspension agent, emulsifier, anti-stale agent, and stabilizer. It can be used in products such as orange beverages, jelly powders, ice cream, soft candy, popsicles, meats, tomato sauces, dry cheese, sweet porridge, soups, and many other desired applications. This product differs from other Agar-Agar products by having a gel strength of greater than or equal to 500 g/cm2.




Shanghai Brilliant gum Co.,Ltd. a company producing products for the Food Industry. Currently they are engaged in the production of Konjac powder (gum), Agar-Agar, Iota semi-refined carrageenan, kappa semi-refined carrageenan (E407a), kappa refined carrageenan (E407) and powdered blends based on them. Their products are exported to over thirty countries around the globe.


Shanghai Brilliant Gum Co., Ltd.

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