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Biobond™ TG-M 

Biobond™ TG-M is a white powder that is added to noodles and other wheat based foods. This product is used as a food additive in the food and beverage industry. It is a transglutaminase, also known as “meat glue”, which is a natural enzyme that can be used to bond proteins together. In this case the proteins aren't in meat, but in the wheat products. Biobond™ TG-M is used to improve flavor and yield, enhance stickiness and flexibility, to thin out soup, and to clear up the color of noodle skin.


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Shanghai Kinry Food Ingredient Co. is a manufacturer in the Food Industry. Their main products are Biobond™ TG-M, Biobond™ TG-YG, Biobond™ TG-GS, Biobond™ TG-EB and Biobond™ TG-WM. They are products used in cereal products, milk products, fish products, restructuring and sausage and cooked ham applications respectively.


Shanghai Kinry Food Ingredient Co., Ltd.

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