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Carmine Water-Soluble (HA Series) 


Imbarex S.A.

Carmine Water-Soluble (HA Series) is a fine, dark colored powder form of spray dried Aluminium Lake. It gives an intense red-yellowish color in different shades. It can be used in ice cream, bakery products, confectionery, snacks, soups, desserts, and meat.


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Imbarex S.A. is a supplier of natural dyes used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company has their own farming lands to grow the raw materials for use in the process of manufacturing natural colors. To ensure efficiency and speed while processing, Imbarex S.A. utilizes multiple production lines to produce the products. Key offerings include Paprika Powder, Bixin Annatto Powder, and more.


Imbarex S.A.

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