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Agar Agar 

Agar Agar is a natural product extracted from seaweeds and refined by scientific methods. This product is a fine white powder having a light to no smell. It can't dissolve in cold water but can easily dissolve in boiling water and dissolve slowly in hot water. Agar Agar is used as a gelling agent and stabilizer in jelly, cake, canned food and meats. It can also be used as a thickener and stabilizer for jam, peanut butter, sesame paste and juice beverages.




Gremount International Company Limited is a leader in the markets of feed and food additives as well as specialty chemicals. Their products include plant extracts, meat additives, nutritional amino acids, flavor enhancers, proteins and starches, acidulants, preservatives, vitamins, thickeners and sweeteners.


Gremount International Company Limited

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