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Sorbic Acid


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Sorbic Acid appears as colorless crystals or as a white crystalline powder. It functions as a preservative primarily as a mold inhibitor and fungicide. Sorbic Acid is ideal for use as a preservative in cheeses, jellies, various beverages, syrups, and pickles. This product is used in food and beverage applications as a natural preservative.


SDART International Inc has been dynamic in the Chinese pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Starting as an pure key marketing promoter centered in the Biochemical Products and Pharmaceutical Intermediates, SDART soon embraced creation offices, then dispersion, and later innovation and how-how counseling and supporting, and organization with comparable minded associations building long maintaining coordinated efforts. Now they are into full-scale assembling of DBO, DMO, DEO, CDCA series, Cholic Acid and Chondroitin Sulfate products.



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SDART International Inc

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