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ATUREX® 1100IU Tocopherol 


Aturex Group

ATUREX® 1100IU Tocopherol is a D-α Tocopherol which is a vitamin E supplement. It is a light yellow to brownish color, clear, viscous oil. It has a mild, characteristic odor and taste, and its biological activity is three times higher than synthetic VE. It has a absorbance level of 254nm-284nm and a potency of 1100IU. ATUREX® 1100IU Tocopherol is used as a natural antioxidant, nutrition enhancer, and in the food and beverage industry.




Aturex operations involve three major industries including the chemical, pharmaceutical and nutrition industries. They offer a wide variety of mixed tocopherols, plant sterols and natural pigments and extracts. Aturex has requirements for the raw material procurement chain and firmly believe that quality raw materials are the prerequisites to product quality and safety.


Aturex Group

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