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RaM-Sweet is a blend of Stevia Rebaudoside A 97% and Mannitol. The blend appears as a white powder 360 times sweeter than table sugar. RaM-Sweet can be used in beverages, bakery applications, and dessert products. It is a low-calorie sugar substitute that is suitable for diabetic and dental health diets, because it does not promote cavities.




Jining Renewal & Joint International Co.,Ltd. is a researcher and producer of stevia and stevia-based sweeteners used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company offers a broad range of ingredients that include Stevia Liquid, RaE-Sweet, RaIN-Sweet, and more. Most of these products are widely used as sugar substitutes in dessert applications, beverages, bakery products, and confectionery.


Jining Renewal & Joint International Co.,Ltd.

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