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Rikecolor G- (Gardenia Green) 

Rikecolor G- (Gardenia Green) is food color with a clear green tone. This product has a good heat resistance and stable light resistance. It is obtained from a mixture of Geniposide plant blue and Gardenia Yellow. It has a range of colors available ranging from light green to moss green. Rikecolor G- (Gardenia Green) is used in many applications including shrimp products, egg products, confections, processed meat products, dairy products, noodles, bakery, liquor, flour paste, and sauces.


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RIKEN VITAMIN Co., Ltd. is a supplier of ingredients for the food industry. This company has a wide range of products such as food emulsifiers, food colors, natural tocopherol, and flavor additives. This company creates products to help improve cake quality, excellent aeration, and foam stability. RIKEN VITAMIN Co., Ltd. also has products that are a stabilizer and emulsifier system for frozen dessert.



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