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Omega Protein

OmegaActiv® omega-3 fatty acids are specifically formulated for supplement use. Our ultra-refined fish oil is made from sustainably harvested menhaden and deliver high levels of DPA, in addition to balanced levels of EPA and DHA. Omega protein, controls the fishing, manufacturing and concentrating of OmegaActiv® products, which delivers the quality assurance of a vertically integrated, traceable and guaranteed pure product. In addition to our extensive product listing, we customize concentrations and blends to the levels of EPA and DHA requested by customers.


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Omega Protein is a supplier of essential nutrients such as dairy and botanical proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidant rich nutracetuicals for the food and dietary supplement industries. Omega Protein provides sustainable nutrition by sourcing fruit and vegetable extracts to create products that have the highest-quality ingredients containing the most essential vitamins and minerals.


Omega Protein

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