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Psyllium Seed 

Psyllium Seed is a light brown to moderate brown seed with a faint odor and a bland, mucilaginous taste. This product is organic and high in both fiber and protein. Psyllium Seed is used to lubricate and cleanse all the areas of the body that it passes through. It is widely used for intestinal health and to promote heart health.




Psyllium Labs, Inc. is a supplier of psyllium, chia, and quinoa for the food industry. Psyllium Labs, Inc. manufactures psyllium for its many applications including excellent source of fiber, lowers LDL cholesterol, prevention of colon cancers, and increased stability and thickening. Psyllium Labs, Inc. also manufactures the natural psyllium into capsules, husk powder, and pellets.


Psyllium Labs, Inc.

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