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OMEGA-3 FISH OIL FFA 58% (35/23)


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OMEGA-3 FISH OIL FFA 58% (35/23) is a concentrated free fatty acid form of fish oil with a concentration level of 58%. Free fatty acid form of fish oil has shown to be better for absorption for glucose-intolerant individuals. This product is key for blood sugar management, brain and cognitive health, and cardiovascular well-being.


Originates is a supplier of Omega-3 fish oil concentrates for the food industry. Originates also is a leading supplier of pharmaceutical and edible hydrolyzed Type A (porcine), Type B (bovine), and lime bone gelatins. Originates maintains its sustainability by using a molecular distillation glass plant that creates their high-quality and customized Omega-3 fish oil concentrates and combinations.




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