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Chitin-glucan: KiOnutrime®-CG


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Chitin-glucan: KiOnutrime®-CG is an animal-free biopolymer of fungal origin developed for the dietary supplement, food and beverage markets. KiOnutrime®–CG is a novel and sustainable specialty ingredient that benefits consumers managing heart health conditions by promoting clean healthy arteries. In this capacity, this ingredient supports the body’s natural mechanisms for managing the damaging effects of free radicals within the cardiovascular system and is active in lipid preoxydation. For consumers managing digestive conditions, KiOnutrime-CG can restore the composition and activity of gut bacteria.


Originates is a supplier of Omega-3 fish oil concentrates for the food industry. Originates also is a leading supplier of pharmaceutical and edible hydrolyzed Type A (porcine), Type B (bovine), and lime bone gelatins. Originates maintains its sustainability by using a molecular distillation glass plant that creates their high-quality and customized Omega-3 fish oil concentrates and combinations.




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