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Sesame Seed Oil 

Sesame Seed Oil is an oil that contains sesamol, a substance responsible for sustaining its quality and stability, thereby giving the oil an extended shelf-life. Sesame Oil contains a high proportion of oleic and linoleic acids. It is characterized by a mild, yet distinctive taste and is a mainstay of nutrition in many eastern countries. Sesame oil Used in many different types of cooking, toasted Sesame Oil is one of the distinguished flavors enjoyed in much of Chinese cuisine. It is often used in a wide variety of condiments and dressings.


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Pokonobe Industries Inc. is a supplier of oils for the food industry. Pokonobe Industries Inc. uses advanced technology to provide the highest quality of natural oils. Pokonobe Industries Inc. has a wide range of products that includes vegetable, seed, and nut oils. Most of these oils have no preservatives, solvents, or other additives and are nitrogen packed for longer stability.


Pokonobe Industries Inc

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