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NEEPO™ 135F 

NEEPO™ 135F is a food grade guar gum. It is a coarse, white to pale yellow powder having high viscosity, used in Technical & Food Grade due to fast hydration. This product attains a cold water viscosity of 3500 CPS after hydrating for 2 Hrs. Applications include but are not limited to: Sauces, Ketchups, Soups & Pickles.


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Neelkanth Polymers supplies guar gum ingredients for the food and beverage industry. They are committed to manufacturing products that benefit nature, people, and animals. With valued long-term customer relationships and strict quality control procedures, the company is able to guarantee satisfaction. Their products are suitable for sauces, bakery products, frozen foods, noodles, and more.


Neelkanth Polymers

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