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Yacon Shrub 


Cabex S.A.

Yacon Shrub, a plant that is native to Peru, produces sweet tubers that can be used in foods or beverages. These tubers can be baked, boiled, steamed or eaten raw. These tubers can also be manufactured to create syrup that is similar to molasses or honey. It can be used in salads, curries and as a natural sweetener.




Cabex S.A. is a supplier of natural and organic ingredients used in the Food, Beverage, and Nutrition industry. Based in Peru, this organization oversees the growing, harvesting, and processing of select exotic plants with excellent nutritional benefits. Cabex offers a full range of high quality ingredients, including Aguaymanto, Caigua Powder, Flor Blanca, Purple Corn, and Yacon Shrub.


Cabex S.A.

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