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Light Berries 

Light Berries are pepper corns which float on the surface of a water/alcohol medium. Light berries are essentially a lower grade of whole black pepper. The grade of this product can vary naturally, depending on how the pepper berries break and float in the medium. Light berries are grade 400 g/l or lower. This product is used in various food and beverage applications, including in spices, meat products, and meals.


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Seven Seas Commodities (Pvt) Ltd. is a supplier of ingredients for the food and beverage industry. Seven Seas Commodities (Pvt) Ltd. has a wide range of products including spices, teas, and essential oils. Seven Seas Commodities (Pvt) Ltd. uses advanced technology, including steam distillation and solvent extraction, to produce high purity and quality essential oils, coffees, and spices.


Seven Seas Commodities (Pvt) Ltd.

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