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Cinnamon Cuts 

Cinnamon Cuts are simply cinnamon quills cut into specified sizes, including, but not limited to 8, 12, 13, 15, and 18 centimeters. This differs from cinnamon quills as these cuts are not naturally broken from quills. This product will see use in the same areas as cinnamon quills, such as making teas, standalone cinnamon drinks, baking pastries, or adding an extra flavor kick to almost any dish.


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Seven Seas Commodities (Pvt) Ltd. is a supplier of ingredients for the food and beverage industry. Seven Seas Commodities (Pvt) Ltd. has a wide range of products including spices, teas, and essential oils. Seven Seas Commodities (Pvt) Ltd. uses advanced technology, including steam distillation and solvent extraction, to produce high purity and quality essential oils, coffees, and spices.


Seven Seas Commodities (Pvt) Ltd.

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