Organic Amaranth 

Organic Amaranth possesses a high content of essential proteins and amino acids, which widely covers the necessary dose in a person's daily diet. Among the amino acids, there is one in special, lysine, which is responsible for the absorption of calcium in our organism and for the production of antibodies. In addition, its grain has a high content of calcium, phosphorous, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamin E and B complex.



Organic Sierra & Selva is a supplier of Andean and ancient organic grains for the food industry. Organic Sierra & Selva uses an Automated Quinoa Washing and Drying Machine that is controlled with strict filtering and a reverse osmosis process to eliminate yeast, saponin, and mold. One of Organic Sierra & Selva’s products is Quinoa which contains an exceptional balance of fiber, starch, and proteins.


Organic Sierra & Selva

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