Hana-Tsunomata™ Sea Vegetable Fronds 

Hana-Tsunomata™ Sea Vegetable Fronds are translucent nori seaweed leaves with green, pink and yellow hues. They have a unique flowery shape, crunchy texture, and subtle flavor. This product can be used in traditional Japanese Kaiso salad; other salads; instant noodles, pastas, seafood, meat, and vegetable dishes; sandwiches and wraps; soups; stir fries and sautés; and casseroles and quiches.



Acadian Seaplants Limited is a leading global developer and manufacturer of seaweed-based ingredients used in Foods and Beverages. Its products derive exclusively from premium, sustainably harvested seaweeds. Its Hana-Tsunomata™ line of unique seaweeds delivers excellent nutritional value and versatility. Acadian’s Irish Moss brewing agent offers superior haze control for beer production.


Acadian Seaplants Limited

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