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Tapioca Starch Powder 

Tapioca Starch Powder is obtained from the root called "Tapioca". This product helps the thickening and solidifying process in the food industry, it gives a sticky consistency and preserves the balance of water in various goods. It is often used in soups, sauces, candy, puddings, custard powder, ice cream, bread, gravies, etc.




Sanstar Bio-Polymers Ltd. is a supplier of additives and ingredients for the food industry. Sanstar Bio-Polymers Ltd. has a wide range of products including dextrins, liquid glucose, high maltose corn syrup, corn steep liquor, and corn gluten. Sanstar Bio-Polymers Ltd. uses advanced corn wet milling technologies to produce high quality products with many applications such as diluting and thickening agents.


Sanstar Bio-Polymers Ltd.

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