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High Maltose Corn Syrup (HMCS)


Sanstar Bio-Polymers Ltd.目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

High Maltose Corn Syrup (HMCS) is a liquid starch that is hydrolyzed by a duel enzyme for liquification and sacchrification under the control condition to generate as high as 45 DE sugar containing maximum of maltose and minimum quantity of glucose and other sugars. This product is often used in hard boiling candies, bread, cakes, beer, seasonings, etc.


Sanstar Bio-Polymers Ltd. is a supplier of additives and ingredients for the food industry. Sanstar Bio-Polymers Ltd. has a wide range of products including dextrins, liquid glucose, high maltose corn syrup, corn steep liquor, and corn gluten. Sanstar Bio-Polymers Ltd. uses advanced corn wet milling technologies to produce high quality products with many applications such as diluting and thickening agents.



Sanstar Bio-Polymers Ltd.

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