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Propyl Gallate 

Propyl Gallate is an antioxidant that is used to stabilize foods that contain fats. This product exhibits excellent antioxidant activity when combined with citric acid and ascorbic palmitate. Propyl Gallate is used in various food and beverage products, including in edible fats, oils, mayonnaise, baked goods, candy, dried meats, fresh pork sausage, and dried milk.




Gallochem Co. is a technological and scientific enterprise, whose parent company is Gallotannin Co. Ltd. Their main products are propyl gallate and tannic acid products. They also produce gallic acid and gall nut as well as a handful of other products such as Trimethoxybenzoic acid and derivatives, Rosemary extract, Pyrogallol, Syringic acid, Ellagic acid and other assorted Gallates.


Gallochem Co., Ltd.

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