Dehydrated Whole Cherries 


AgroCepia S.A.

Dehydrated Whole Cherries are obtained by removing moisture from fresh, ripe cherries in continuous air dryers. This is a natural food ingredient and is a less expensive alternative to fresh or frozen cherries. Dehydrated Whole Cherries can be used in the following applications: trail mixes, ready-to-eat cereals, energy bars, muffins, fillings, yogurt & chocolate panning, breads, salads, desserts, cookies and sauces.




AgroCepia S.A. is a reliable and specialized producer and supplier of conventional or organic dehydrated apples. They offer a wide variety of fruit products for the specific applications of its customers such as confectionery, cereals and bakery among others. AgroCepia S.A. provides dehydrated cherries, blueberries and apples along with frozen IQF fruits.


AgroCepia S.A.

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