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Peach Juice Concentrate (Cloudy) Brix 40 

Peach Juice Concentrate (Cloudy) Brix 40 is produced from clarified peach juice originating from Yellow Clingstone varieties of peaches. It is concentrated to a brix level between 30 and 41, has a pulp percentage between 2 and 8, and a minimum amount of 200 ppm vitamin C at production. It has found application as a food additive for flavoring purposes in foods and beverages.




Christodoulou Bros (CHB-VITOM) produces a large range of products such as juices, juices packed for others (private label), canned fruits, fruit preparations, purees, sorbets, ice cream and coffee syrups, etc. CHB also manufactures drink bases and blends of them for juices and fruit drinks.


Christodoulou Bros SA

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