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White Grape Juice Concentrate 

White Grape Juice Concentrate is concentrated juice prepared from white Greek grapes from the Nemea area in Corinth as well as varieties from Patras and Kavala. Grapes combat water retention, are rich in potassium and vitamins and have antioxidant and cancer-fighting capabilities. This concentrate has a brix minimum between 64 and 66, a pH ranging from 3.3 to 3.7, and has turbidity. It has found application in juices, soft drinks, fruit drinks, nectar, smoothies and jams.




Christodoulou Bros (CHB-VITOM) produces a large range of products such as juices, juices packed for others (private label), canned fruits, fruit preparations, purees, sorbets, ice cream and coffee syrups, etc. CHB also manufactures drink bases and blends of them for juices and fruit drinks.


Christodoulou Bros SA

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