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Norit® DX 10 


Cabot Europe

Norit® DX 10 is a powdered activated carbon that has a high purity. This product can be used to remove unwanted taste and odor compounds without changing the natural character. It can be used in wine, beer, and spirits to improve sensory character. Norit® DX 10 can also be used to remove color precursors from fruit juices.




Cabot Europe is a developer and manufacturer of specialty chemicals used in the Food, Beverage, and Nutrition industry. This organisation is committed to delivering high performance solutions to meet formulation challenges. Cabot Europe offers a broad range of chemicals – including Bentonorit® water dispersible pellets, CAB-O-SIL® food grade silica, and Darco® and Norit® activated carbons.


Cabot Europe

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