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POP ROCKS® Popping Candy 

POP ROCKS® Popping Candy are small pieces of hard candy that have been gasified with carbon dioxide under super-atmospheric pressure. When these gasified sugar granules come in contact with moisture, in someone's mouth or in a liquid, the gas retained inside the carbon dioxide bubbles is released, causing its characteristic popping sensation as well as crackling and fizzing sounds. POP ROCKS® Popping Candy is most commonly used in cereal, yogurt, chocolate, ice cream, and baked good applications.


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Zeta Espacial S.A. is an organization in the food business that intended to offer interesting and inventive confections that were totally not the same as the current confectionery things. They created POP Rocks®, a popping confectinery that are little bits of hard candies that have been gasified with carbon dioxide under super-environmental weight. Utilizing this thing within your formulations will help you separate your items from the competitor's by giving that creative edge that will excite your customers.


Zeta Espacial S.A.

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