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Oriental Mustard Seed, Whole 

Oriental Mustard Seed, Whole is a small, round or slightly flat seed that is golden to light brown in color. It is the hottest of the mustard seeds and has a a flavor similar to wasabi or horseradish powder. This product can be used whole, cracked, or ground into a powder. It is often used to flavor vinegar, curry paste, and pickling or preserving spices. This product may be used in functional foods applications.




Besco Grain Ltd. is supplier of grain ingredients used in the Food and Beverage industry. In particular, it specializes in Canadian prairie-grown mustard seed. Propelled by an experienced management team, its mission is to be a reliable product development partner while providing growers with access to international markets. Besco offers Brown, Oriental, and Yellow Whole Mustard Seeds.


Besco Grain Ltd.

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