Benexia® Chia Fiber 

Benexia® Chia Fiber is extracted fat from the chia seed using a process that allows for the preservation of the major nutritional components – antioxidants, fiber, protein, minerals, and Omega-3, while reducing total fat content. It contains 52 grams of fiber per 100 grams and 1000 mg of Omega-3 in 25 grams. Benexia® Chia Fiber is used in pastas, bakery, pastries, cereal flakes and bars and granola.




Functional Products Trading S.A. and its product brand Benexia® are one of a set number of world pioneers in Chia seed (and derivatives) manufacturing, preparing and worldwide distribution for nutraceutical and applications. They have reliably expanded their creation throughout the years while presenting development both in techniques and products. Their product list includes Chia Oil, Chia Fiber and Chia Seed.


Functional Products Trading S.A.

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