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Sethness RT270 Powdered Caramel Color Class IV– E150D 

Sethness RT270 Powdered Caramel Color Class IV– E150D is the amorphous, dark brown material resulting from the carefully controlled heat treatment of food-grade carbohydrates. Certain food-grade acids, alkalis and salts may be employed to assist caramelization. This product is GRAS (21 CFR 182.1235).

Class IV Caramel Colors are produced from carbohydrates that are heated in the presence of both sulfite and ammonium compounds, and carry a negative ionic charge. Class IV Caramel Colors are the most widely produced Caramel Colors, and are commonly found in colas. Sethness RT270 Powdered Caramel Color Class IV– E150D differs from the other caramel colors by having a moisture of 3.1


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Sethness Products Company produces Caramel Color that can add yellows, reddish-browns, browns and blacks for every segment of the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. It is exceptionally stable, tolerates a wide range of physical and chemical environments, good dispersability and has great functionality in extreme pH conditions. Sethness also offers caramelized sugar syrups to sweeten their Caramel Colors.


Sethness Products Company

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