Emulsified Isolated Soy Protein - TW910 

Emulsified Isolated Soy Protein - TW910 appears as a light yellow powder with no peculiar smell. This product is obtained from Non-GMO soybeans and is most commonly used in emulsion type high-temperature sausage, low temperature meat products, frozen products, can foods, baking products, flour products, confectionery, cakes and aquatic products. It has excellent emulsifiability, and also can improve yield ratio, lower production cost, and improve texture.



Qingdao Tianwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a supplier in the Food and Beverage Industry. This company strives to provide a diverse selection of soybean and soy protein products for use in meat products, salads, dairy products, functional foods, etc. Qingdao Tianwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. brands include Concentrated Soy Protein - TW700, Soybean Oil, Injectable Isolated Soy Protein - TW920, etc.


Qingdao Tianwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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