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Chitosan Hydrochloride 

Chitosan Hydrochloride is a white or off-white odorless semitransparent and amorphous powder. Easily soluble in water, the solution is clear and stable. Derived from shellfish, Chitosan Hydrochloride is a kind of glucosamine amylose that has been dissolved directly into Hydrochloric acid. It is widely used in the food industry as a preservative and can keep fruits and vegetables fresh.




Yangzhou Rixing Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd. is a leading pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturer. They offer high quality nutritional supplements that are used in the food industry. They specialize in APIs, Chitosan series, Chondroitin sulfate series, D-glucosamine series and their finished products such as tablets hard capsule of simple formula or complex formula.


Yangzhou Rixing Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd.

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