UL Prospector

3-Acetyl Pyridine ≥ 98.0%, Natural-Identical 


Ciyun Company

3-Acetyl Pyridine ≥ 98.0%, Natural-Identical appears as a light yellow liquid and has a nut-like odor with a sweet taste. This product is used for configuration in popcorn, peanuts, meat and tobacco flavors.


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Ciyun Company is the largest manufacturer of fragrance and flavor in China. Their flavor products include Sulfide, Thiazole, Thiophen, Furan, Ester, Lactone, Acid, Aledhyde, Ketone and Alcohol flavors and Pyridine and Pyrazine compounds. Their Fragrance products include Sweet, Savory, Liquor and Day of Essences.


Ciyun Company

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