Rice Peptide(rice protein) 

Rice Peptide(rice protein)offer more than the economic advantages that vegetable proteins have over animal protein. Lehwa rice proteins provide added functions for a variety of food systems such as: Fat/water binding, Emulsification, Texture/structure improvement, Viscosity building and Shelf life extension. Rice protein products are used in almost every food category, from bakery to meat, dairy, beverages and more. Wheat protein is also important in many non-food and industrial categories such as adhesives, fermentation and feed applications.


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Huasing Food Industry Corporation Ltd is a leader in the manufacturing of food ingredients in China. They are highly advanced technologically and produce numerous food specific applications for other manufacturers around the globe. Their products are grouped under Sweetened Condensed Milk, Egg Products, Coconut Products, Grain Powder, Proteins, Maltodextrin, Filled Fat Milk Powder, Whipped Topping Cream Powder, Nutritional Oil Powder and Non Dairy Creamer.


Huasing Food Industry Corporation Ltd

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