High Malt Syrup (Grade A) 

High Malt Syrup (Grade A) is a colorless or yellowish, transparent liquid sugar made from rice. It has a tasty, nutritious and anti-grit melt characteristic. This product can be eaten directly and taken as a nutritious food. High Malt Syrup could replace honey in Chinese patent medicine and is widely applied in such industries such as drink, candy, pastry and food.


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Yancheng Hengding Native Products Co.,Ltd. is a processor and supplier of food ingredients used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company provides a wide variety of products that include herbs and spices, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, and more. These ingredients are available in dice, powder, and flakes form and widely used in beverages, desserts, ready-to-eat meals, and baked goods.


Yancheng Hengding Native Products Co.,Ltd.

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