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Organic Glycerin


AG Commodities, Inc.目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

Organic Glycerin is made according to the USDA NOP organic and U.S. Food & Drug Administration cGMP regulations. Glycerin USP is widely used in food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical applications. It is a high quality glycerin made to 99.5% purity calculated on an anhydrous basis, manufactured to meet the stringent requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia. Organics Glycerin also meets the qualification for Food Chemical Codex (FCC) standard. The manufacturing process and product itself is also Kosher and Organic certified.


AG Commodities, Inc. supplies high-quality, certified organic and conventional ingredients, including rice syrups and solids, invert sugar cane syrup, and maltodextrin. These products are commonly used in bakery, beverage, cheese/dairy, confectionery, food processing, fruit/vegetable, and nutritional applications. The company works with farmers and suppliers to supply certified ingredients worldwide.



AG Commodities, Inc.

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