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ProHydrolase® is a bio-sufficient supplement for sports nutrition designed to build muscle mass and accelerate muscle recovery when used as an ingredient in protein supplements or in conjuction with a protein supplement. The enzyme blend of ProHydrolase® digests protein into bio-usable form, taking full advantage of the availability of essential amino acids for building muscle and improving muscle recovery. It maximizes the performance benefits of protein powder, assisting the body in absorbing more protein rather than excreting it. ProHydrolase® greatly reduces discomfort typically caused when protein is not broken down into the smallest composition. The ProHydrolase® enzyme blend is effective at digesting a variety of proteins, including whey, casein, soy, egg, pea and hemp. The human clinical study is available upon request.


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Deerland Enzymes specializes in customized enzyme and probiotic-based formulations, collaborating with customers to develop innovative and often proprietary solutions. Deerland Enzymes offers a wide variety of plant, animal, fungal and bacterial-sourced enzymes as well as a broad spectrum of probiotic strains for use in dietary supplements. All are non-GMO, Kosher and Halal where applicable. Deerland Enzymes also performs specialty contract manufacturing services, including bulk blends, liquids, hard shell capsules, and tablets; as well as bottling and labeling. Deerland Enyzymes specializes in the research and creation of enzyme-based nutritional supplements for digestive health, muscle-building, cardiovascular health and joint health. Deerland Enzymes also specializes in customized enzyme and probiotic based formulations, and offers the free YourBlend® service.



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