DuPont Pioneer

Plenish® is fully refined, bleached, and deodorized high oleic soybean oil. It is derived from high oleic soybeans, containing 75 percent oleic acid, compared to 22 percent found in traditional soybeans. In addition, the oil contains less than 3 percent linolenic acid versus eight percent in traditional soybeans, and a 20 percent reduction in saturated fats. Plenish® high oleic soybean oil maintains excellent stability and its unique fatty acid profile makes it a healthy, 0g trans fat choice when a liquid vegetable oil is preferred for frying and food applications.



DuPont Pioneer is a leading supplier of agricultural products . Plenish® soybean oil is highly recommended as it has a healthier oil profile than many products. Consumers can benefit from high oleic content, lower saturated fat, and low linolenic content, leading to improved oil stability. The company aism to help increase farmer productivity and profitability.


DuPont Pioneer

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