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Biofer® Stabilised Ferrous Sulphate 


Lipotech S.A.

Biofer® Stabilised Ferrous Sulphate is used to fortify milk (with fat content over 1,5%) to a level of 18mg of iron per litre without compromising the sensorial properties. It is also used in yoghurts at a level of 24mg iron per kg, as well as in other dairy products.




LipoTech S.A. developes and manufactures additives and sources of minerals for the Food and Health Industry. LipoTech S.A.'s Biofer® stabilised Ferrous Sulphate by vitamin c and encapsulated within soy-phospholipid liposomes present a high solubility in water, have an excellent bioavailability, the solutions obtained are crystal-clear and have good taste, sometimes slightly sweet, depending on the quantities used. All raw materials are Food Grade or USP quality. Demineralised water is used in all cases. The solutions are sterilised by micro-filtration before the spray drying.


Lipotech S.A.

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