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Advasterol™ WD 

Advasterol™ WD is an aqueous-dispersible form of plant sterols that can be used in a variety of foods, including beverages, sauces, dry mixes, yogurts, cereals, and other types of products. It is stable across a wide range of temperatures and pH levels. Plant sterol-containing products have been shown to help lower cholesterol in over 40 clinical trials. This product can be used in a wide variety of food preparations as an LDL Cholesterol reducer.




Advanced Organic Materials is one of top produces of oilseeds worldwide. Their primary products are based on soybean and sunflower. The company extracts and purifies vegetable oils to produce natural Vitamin E, Plant Sterols, and Mixed Tocopherols. The company exports their products globally for use in food, feed, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.


Advanced Organic Materials

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