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Alpha-Linolenic Acid


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Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA, CAS No.463-40-1) is an essential ω-3 fatty acid. It can refer to either of two octadecatrienoic acids (i.e. with an 18-carbon chain and three double bonds, which are found in the cis configuration), or a mixture of the two. Linolenate (in the form of esters of linolenic acid) is often found in seeds, nuts and many common vegetable oils. ALA cannot be synthesized in human body and it can only be obtained from the diet. ALA has the healthy function in delaying aging, improving memory, sleep improvement, improving immunity, regulating blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar, protect the liver, avoid constipation and so on, which is healthy for children, pregnant and sub-health people.

1. Extracted from flaxseed oil and perilla oil without any synthetic composition, which can be used as soft capsule directly.

2.Advanced extraction technology,stable process,low cost, natural source, and environmental protection.

3.High-purity 80% and 85% is commercial.





武汉欧米嘉生物医药有限公司 Wuhan Omega Biomedicine Co., Ltd.

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