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Maris DHA Solute N17 

Maris DHA Solute N17 is a tuna-derived DHA preparation in a patented matrix that is soluble in water and oil. Its unique structure allows for greater bioavailability of EPA and DHA compared to other forms of fish or algae-derived Omega-3. Maris DHA Solute N17 is preferred for clear ready-to-drink beverages. Preferred dosage forms for supplements are shots, syrups, gels and semi-solid





Imperial-Oel-Import is focused mainly on the import and distribution of mineral oil based chemicals but also they have expanded to a wide range of fatty acids, resins, oils and animal and vegetable derived waxes. Their product list includes oleochemical specialties, animal oils and bone products, omega-3 products, lecithins, technical lanolins and wool greases and lanolins along with their derivatives.


Imperial-Oel-Import Handelsgesellschaft GmbH

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