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Soyathin Granular 

Soyathin Granular is a highly concentrated granulated form of lecithin with a light yellow colour. The product is obtained by solvent-extraction from liquid Soya Lecithin. It is de-oiled but consists of natural phospholipids in their original relative proportions. Compared to lecithins from other sources it has a significantly higher level of linolenic acid and lower level of oleic acid.

Soyathin Granular is used mainly as a dietary supplement due to its various health benefits. These include its ability to decrease cholesterol levels and harmful lipids, protect against fatty degeneration of the liver and brain, and improve memory function and the ability to concentrate. It is also used as an additive for chocolates, baked goods, pastries, confectionary, instant drinks and various other foodstuffs. It has excellent emulsifying, wetting, dispersing, stabilising and blending properties, as well as being an effective viscosity reducing agent. It also helps to extend shelf life and to increase heat stability.




Imperial-Oel-Import is focused mainly on the import and distribution of mineral oil based chemicals but also they have expanded to a wide range of fatty acids, resins, oils and animal and vegetable derived waxes. Their product list includes oleochemical specialties, animal oils and bone products, omega-3 products, lecithins, technical lanolins and wool greases and lanolins along with their derivatives.


Imperial-Oel-Import Handelsgesellschaft GmbH

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