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CapsuDar® B12 0.1% Vegetarian Formula 


LycoRed Ltd.

CapsuDar® B12-0.1% Vegetarian Formula is a microencapsulated vitamin B12. It is a fine, free flowing powder coated with cellulose derivative. The vitamin B12 is adsorbed on maltodextrin and then coated with cellulose derivative. This product is for the enrichment of food in dry preparations and low water content, e.g. chocolate spreads, cereals, nutritional bars, powdered beverages, vitamin tablets, mixing of dry incompatible ingredients, etc. The material should be used as powder. It can be dispersed in water and should not be crushed or milled before or during processing as it might break the microcapsules. The product is Non GMO and is a suitable vegetarian ingredient.




LycoRed Ltd. produces nutritious formulations and specialty ingredients in the form of vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements for the Food and Beverage Industry. These supplements include BETACOTE™, a small tablet that is a source of β-carotene, CAPSUDAR®, a vegetarian based tablet, and CARNICOTE®, an L-Carnitine base tablet that enriches food in dry preparations and lowers water content.



LycoRed Ltd.

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