CapsuDar® Iron For Dairy Vegetarian Formula 


LycoRed Ltd.

CapsuDar® Iron For Dairy Vegetarian Formula is formulated ferric pyrophosphate. It is a fine, free flowing powder formulated with a surface active agent (E473) to make this formulated iron suitable for use in milk and other dairy drinks. This product is for the enrichment of food milk and other dairy drinks. The application should be tested for each specific application.

This material should be used as powder. It should be dispersed in milk or other dairy drinks and mixed thoroughly. It may be need to first prepare a premix which is then poured into the bulk milk.




LycoRed Ltd. produces nutritious formulations and specialty ingredients in the form of vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements for the Food and Beverage Industry. These supplements include BETACOTE™, a small tablet that is a source of β-carotene, CAPSUDAR®, a vegetarian based tablet, and CARNICOTE®, an L-Carnitine base tablet that enriches food in dry preparations and lowers water content.



LycoRed Ltd.

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