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Vitasterol® S-80 Esterified Non GMO 


Vitae Naturals

Vitasterol® S-80 esterified Non GMO is a light yellow viscous liquid, having a slight characteristic vegetable oil aroma. It is obtained by esterification of free plant sterols with fatty acids from vegetable oil (rapeseed). Vitasterol® can be added to food supplements (powder form) and different food applications depending on regulation of each country (sterol esters). It is a concentrated form of phytosterol esters (mainly Beta-sitosterol, Campesterol, Stigmasterol and Sitostanol). Vitasterol® S-80 esterified is widely used in food preparations or supplements as LDL cholesterol reducer.




Vitae Naturals is a supplier of premium natural ingredients to nutrition and food. They are the main producer of natural sourced Vitamin E and a world leader in the manufacturing of phytosterol esters. Their product range covers: Anti-oxidant sytems, Lutein, Vitaslim® (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), Vitavonoide® (Soy Isoflavones), Vitasterol® (Soy IP and Pine Phytosterols) and Viatpherole® (IP Natural Vitamin E -alpha tocopherols, mixed tocopherols and acetates).


Vitae Naturals

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