Blackcurrant Ethanol Extract Powder 


Iprona AG

Blackcurrant Ethanol Extract Powder is a polyphenol ethanol extract powder. Extract powders are produced by ethanol extraction to achieve a high percentage of polyphenols. These powders are standardized by HPLC and by colour units for better comparability and understanding. They do not retain the original taste and aroma profiles of the fruit and are partly water-soluble. These products are formulated into Over the Counter (OTC) products and into pharmaceutical recipes.



Iprona AG is an international company dealing with marketing and fruit processing. The present fruit product spectrum includes extracts, natural colorings, puree and pulp concentrates from both tropical fruits and berries, client requested fruit compounds and mixes as well as just plain concentrates. They are located in the heart of South Tyrol which is one of the largest fruit-growing areas in Europe.



Iprona AG

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