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Marine Cartilage Powder


Marine Cartilage Powder is extracted from skate (Raia spp.). It contains 12% to 15% muccopolysaccharides, mostly chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine sulphate. It is also high in proteins (40 to 50%) in the form of type II hydrolyzed collagen. Added to this cocktail of bioactive molecules for joint well-being, marine cartilage powder is rich in calcium for bones. This product is a fine powder.


Copalis CTPP is a global supplier of natural marine based ingredients to the nutraceutical, functional food feed nutrition and cosmetic markets. Because it is a cooperative, this allows Copalis to control the sourcing and traceability of the raw materials. Through its research and development laboratory, Copalis offers: customer’s formulation assistance and customized products development.




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