Egg Phospholipids 

Egg Phospholipids are a very bioavailable way of delivering phosphorus, choline and polyunsaturated fatty acids to the human organism. GPL-DHA® is the active ingredient derivated from the egg. By modifying the diet of the chicken that lay the egg, we obtain high DHA content in the lecithin (component of the egg yolk). DHA is an essential fatty acid that composes the organism' tissues, especially in the brain and the eye retina.




Novastell Ingredients Essentials produces a full range of lecithins and phospholipids, Docosahexanoic acid (DHA) and organic and liquid powdered lecithins. Novastell also produces phosphatidycholine for liver protection, phosphatidylserine for brain and retina function and phosphatidic acid for stress management. They also offer a line of formulations and semi-finished products that have a variety of health benefits.


Novastell Ingredients Essentiels

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